Powers Ranger: Clash Of The Red Rangers (2013) DVDRip 200MB Ganool


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The Samurai Rangers find themselves facing the combined forces of Master Xandred’s Mooger army and a robotic army led by a robotic supervillain when they’re unexpectedly joined by RPM Ranger Red from another dimension. Jayden, Mike, and Kevin are skeptical of the newcomer, but Emily and Mia quickly warm to the new ranger and invite him over for a home-cooked meal. The new Red Ranger disparages the Samurai Rangers’ “old school” ways, but eventually all the rangers team up to protect their world. When the two Red Rangers are hit by hypno-bolts during battle, it looks like they will turn against one another and that the Samurai Rangers’ world will fall. The plot is somewhat thin, though probably not much thinner than other Power Rangers programs, but this movie is very short at 45 minutes, and it seems an especially clumsy blend of live action and animated special effects combined with corny acting and marginal martial arts action



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